Farming Strategy

Determine Who You Want To Reach

Are you looking for people in a specific area?

Are you looking for people with specific demographics?

Are you looking for specific info on past home purchases?

Get The List That Works Best For You

Public Record Property Resources

List for whole neighborhood.

Mailing Lists

Target Specific Demographics
(age, median household income, education level, and apartment renter)

REMINE Property Data

Analyzes property records, transactional history, and
delivers actionable insights

Your Message

How are you going to introduce yourself?

What do you want to say?
How do you want to say it?
Repetition – It takes multiple touches for them to remember your face.
Consistency – it takes more for them to able to recall your name.


Listing Edge

The Towne Mortgage of the Carolinas Listing Edge allows you to add to your agent remarks on the MLS.

For Example: “Buyers to receive a lender credit of up to $1,000 closing costs/prepaids if they use [Loan Officer Name] at [Phone Number] with Towne Mortgage of the Carolinas.” Furthermore, if your seller becomes a buyer then they too can enjoy the same lender credit towards closing costs/prepaids if they use Towne Mortgage of the Carolinas for their financing needs.

Listing Flyer

Financing Flyer

Social Post

Single Property Site